Splash Bromine Granules 1kg

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Splash Bromine Granules 1kg

Spa Bromine Granules are rapid dissolving and are specifically blended to disinfect spa and hot tub water. They can be used in addition to bromine tablets for a quick boost in sanitiser readings or used on their own to provide a total bromine reading.

Instructions for Use:
• On start-up and commissioning of new water, use this product to shock does the water to a minimum of 20ppm or mg/litre with circulation/blowers on and all covers off for 2 hours.
• To increase the Total Bromine reading of the spa or hot tub water by 1ppm or mg/litre add 3g of Bromine Granules per 1000 litres of water.
• Test for actual requirements and adjust to maintain a level of 2-4ppm or mg/litre for pools and 4-6ppm or mg/litre for spas.
• Bromine granules can be added directly to the water with circulation running and water temperature above 20°c. If using this product to shock dose the water please wait a minimum of 40 minutes before bathing re-starts.

To ensure safe use of your pool or spa, maintain a pH level of between 7.2 and 7.6. The ideal pH level is 7.4.

Always add chemicals to water and never water to chemicals. Never mix chemicals.

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