Safety Glasses & Goggles

Protective goggles and glasses are essential tools for safeguarding one of our most precious senses – our vision. These safety eyewear solutions are meticulously designed to provide a shield against various workplace hazards. Their impact-resistant lenses can withstand flying debris, chemicals, or particles, ensuring the safety of your eyes. Many models also feature anti-fog and UV-resistant coatings, ensuring clear vision in challenging environments and protecting against harmful ultraviolet rays. We stock ergonomic designs that prioritise comfort, promoting compliance with safety protocols during extended wear. Whether you're working in construction, manufacturing, healthcare, or any industry where eye safety is paramount, our protective goggles and glasses will be your first line of defence. 

Trust us at Nobisco to supply you with the all-important safety supplies you need to keep your employees protected, from high-vis jackets to respiratory protection and safety footwear. You can find your favourite brands right here, along with all the essential products you need to safely and efficiently run your business. Shop with us to receive free delivery on all orders over £100. 

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