Hand, Arm & Knee Protection

Hand, arm, and knee protection are vital in many working environments, including factories, laboratories, warehouses, construction sites, and various industrial settings. Whether you need to protect your employees from burns when handling dangerous chemicals or prevent injuries from splinters, sharp edges, and heavy lifting, you can find the right protection here at Nobisco. We offer top-quality protective gear, from tear-resistant gloves to heavy-duty knee pads. Find everything you need to minimise accidents, keep your workers safe and comply with industry safety standards. 

For top-quality safety equipment tailored to the specific needs of your workspace, turn to Nobisco as your trusted supplier. We understand the importance of providing reliable protective gear, including hand, arm, and knee protection, hi-vis clothing and safety footwear to ensure the well-being of your workforce. Our selection of safety equipment is designed to meet industry standards, ensuring that you receive dependable solutions that enhance workplace safety and productivity. We prioritise the durability, comfort, and functionality of our products to ensure they perform effectively in diverse working environments. Shop with us and benefit from free delivery on spends over £100 and all local orders.

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