Tapes and Tools

Medical tape and first aid tools are invaluable in maintaining a safe work environment. 

Our Medical tape serves as a versatile adhesive, securing wound dressings, splints, and bandages in place to assist with healing and to protect injuries from further damage. They help you provide immediate first-aid care to employees who have been injured, whether by cuts, burns or falls. We have a wide selection of easy-to-use first aid tools, such as scissors and safety pins, so that anyone can provide efficient medical assistance, even without training. In the workplace, where accidents and medical incidents can happen unexpectedly, these tools are essential so that employees receive prompt and effective care, minimising the severity of injuries and potential complications.

Place your trust in Nobisco for top-quality first aid supplies to keep your medical kits fully stocked and ready for any situation. Nobisco offers a comprehensive range of reliable and sterile products, including medical tape, first aid tools, wound dressings, and more, ensuring that you have the essential tools to provide prompt and effective care. Shop with us for all your workplace essentials and get delivery free of charge when spending over £100.

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