Peel & Seal Sandwich Wedge 'Woodland' Design (Case/500)

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Peel & Seal Sandwich Wedge 'Woodland' Design (Case/500)

The triangular self-seal sandwich wedge in a brown 'Woodland’ design is made of paperboard and has a grease-resistant coating (subject to product-specific tests). The paperboard is recyclable. The clear window is compostable. A special feature of this pack is its self-seal function that makes it easy to close and re-close. There are also additional closing flaps attached to the upper and bottom sides. The pack can be filled easily and quickly with two deep-filled sandwich triangles. The two sandwich triangles and their filling can be viewed through the clear window and are tastefully and attractively presented in the packaging.

• Optimum product protection for two filled sandwich triangles
• Self-seal disposable packaging
• Retains freshness for two days (varies according to product ingedients)
• Grease-resistant coating (subject to product-specific tests)

• Case x 500

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