Barrier Tapes 75M

You need barrier tape whether you need to safely guide crowds at a big event or clearly mark off a hazardous area in your warehouse, building site or other facility. This handy tool will greatly reduce the risk of accidents and comprehensively communicate warnings and information in a range of different settings, for example, at festivals where security is paramount. We stock a selection of tape in a wide range of bright colours and striped patterns so you can clearly mark out different areas that can be noticed even by people with vision difficulties. Browse our barrier tape for an easy solution to protect your staff and the public from unnecessary dangers.

We know how important workplace safety is for you and your employees; that’s why we stock only top-quality industry-standard products that you can rely on to keep you protected. Our high-vis jackets are great for anyone who needs to act as a guide when controlling crowds; they clearly highlight you as a person of authority and as a point to go to for help in emergencies. They are also great for building sites; in the UK it is mandatory to wear this protective piece of clothing to ensure your safety at most sites you work on. For more ways to make your workplace as safe as possible, browse our other safety products and order over £100 to get free delivery.

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