Tapes & Dispensers

When securely packaging your orders,  quality packaging tape and dispensers are essential tools, offering a range of uses and indispensable qualities. We offer a choice of packaging tapes made from strong materials like polypropylene and vinyl to provide secure sealing for your boxes and parcels to ensure the contents remain intact during transit. Our tapes are durable and resistant to moisture and tearing, making them reliable for all of your packaging needs. Our tape dispensers make applying the tape easier, streamlining your packaging process.  They allow for efficient and consistent taping while reducing the risk of wastage. Together, packaging tape and dispensers are valuable tools for enhancing the security and integrity of packages and improving your overall packaging efficiency. No matter how big or small your business is, these simple tools are sure to come in useful.

At Nobisco, we care about providing your business with only the highest-quality packaging supplies to keep you and your customers happy. You may be interested in our strong boxes and cartons, which are perfect for shipping items to destinations near and far with their durable double-walling. For smaller items like jewellery and delicate machine parts, we also have protective jiffy bags in all shapes and sizes. Discover our range of reliable packaging products and spend over £100 to benefit from free shipping.

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