Odour Neutralisers

Unpleasant odours are a a key factor in the perception of cleanliness and the experience of employees, guests and customers. Tackle the toughest odours with Nobisco’s highly effective odour neutralisers.

Nobisco’s Commercial Odour Neutralisers
When there's an unwanted odour in a home or workplace, having a quality room freshener will help you get rid of it quickly. Odours should not just be covered but neutralised as most tough smells are caused by bacteria. At Nobisco, we bring you a wide range of effective products that will tackle odours while refreshing the room including P-Wave air fresheners, urinal screens and bowl clips. It is the simple, easy to install, recyclable solution that will help you create a long-lasting, clean and pleasant environment for your customers and employees.

Discover all the necessary items for your washroom including nail brushes and paper hygiene products. Shop with us today and benefit from free delivery on all local orders and orders over £100.

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