Washroom Accessories

Our washroom accessories are designed to enhance the guest experience by combining functionality, hygiene, and aesthetics. In gyms, these accessories promote cleanliness and convenience, ensuring a safe and comfortable workout environment. Spas benefit from opulent touches such as our plush bath mats, creating an oasis of relaxation. For hotels, high-quality washroom accessories are a hallmark of hospitality, providing guests with a sense of luxury and attention to detail. Invest in these top-notch washroom accessories to elevate the image and experience of your gym, spa, or hotel, leaving a lasting impression on your valued guests.

For more solutions to upgrade your bathroom's level of hygiene and the relaxation of your customers, explore our wall-mounted soap dispensers that are engineered to decrease the amount of bacteria your customers come in contact with when visiting the restroom. We also stock a huge selection of paper towels that are super absorbent, eco-friendly and disposable to prevent the spread of germs. In a post-pandemic world, people care more about hygiene than ever before, so it’s important to provide your guests with the reassurance that they are able to freshen up in only the most sanitary spaces. Shop our ranges and receive free delivery on all orders over £100.

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