Centrefeed Dispensers

Ideal for catering businesses, these dispensers are designed to offer easy access and controlled use of centrefeed rolls, ensuring that paper towels are readily available for quick cleanups. Their hygienic design lessens the risk of cross-contamination, as users only touch the sheet they need, promoting a safer and more sanitary environment.  Our centrefeed dispensers are made from durable plastic, helping them withstand the demands of busy commercial kitchens. They provide an organised and clutter-free workspace, making them an efficient and practical addition to any hygiene-conscious business setting. Whether it's a restaurant, healthcare facility, or industrial workspace, centrefeed dispensers are a reliable solution that enhances hygiene standards and contributes to a clean and efficient work environment.

For all the essential hygiene supplies your business requires, you can trust Nobisco. We specialise in providing top-quality products designed to elevate cleanliness, safety, and efficiency in commercial settings. From centrefeed dispensers to a wide range of hygiene solutions, including heavy-duty hand wash and disposable aprons, we have you covered. Order with us today for free delivery when you spend over £100.

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