Hand Sanitiser/Alcohol Gels

Hand sanitisers are able to kill bacteria, fungi, and viruses that could potentially spread various diseases, and they  are vital in every business today. Find below the sanitisers you can trust.

Nobisco’s Hand Sanitiser & Alcohol Gels
These are a great alternative to soap and water and are recommended for use when the hands are not ‘visibly’ dirty or after cleaning your hands for enhanced protection. To further prevent the spread of these unwanted germs, touch-free hand sanitisers are quickly becoming the de facto standard among all industries. 

It doesn't matter whether you’re seeking hand sanitisers for commercial or domestic use, we have them. Suitable for all reception areas, washrooms and kitchens or when you are out on the go, our sanitisers are sourced from top brands including Evans and Purell.  

Browse our website to find everything for the washroom and paper hygiene products. Shop from our online store today, and benefit from free delivery on all local orders and orders over £100.


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