Cleansing Wipes

Wipes are seen as an increasingly attractive product segment for the convenience they offer. They are the ideal solution against contamination and one that does not require lots of time or training to use effectively. Browse below our range of professional cleansing wipes for use in hospitals, and business environments.

Nobisco’s Commercial Cleansing Wipes
Keep germs and bacteria at bay with the convenient antibacterial wipes which kill up to 99.9% of bacteria. Nobisco has a range of products designed to tackle this hard job. We have selected cleansing wipes for high infection risk areas including medical environments, care homes, schools, and offices. Our wipes are trusted by medical institutions to eliminate cross-contamination and infection and increase the efficiency of their cleaning routines. 

Remove a wide range of substances such as oils and paint with our cleansing wipes specially formulated for workshop use to clean hands, tools and surfaces. Browse our website to find everything for the washroom and paper hygiene products. Order your items today and benefit from free delivery on all local orders and orders over £100.

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