First Aid Box 1-10 Person

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First Aid Box 1-10 Person

  • Guidance Leaflet: Provides brief first-aid guidelines: 1

  • Contents List: Provides a list of the first aid components in the kit: 1
    Medium Sterile Dressing: Conforming bandage: min 7.5cm width and min
    2m stretched length, with an absorbant pad: no less than 12
    cm x 12cm: 4

  • Large Sterile Dressing: Conforming bandage: min 10cm width and min
    2m stretched length, with an absorbant pad: no less than 18
    cm x 18cm: 1

  • Triangular Bandages: Min of 20GSM non-woven material or cotton, not less than 90
    cm x 90cm x 127cm: 2

  • Safety Pins: Min length of 2.5cm: 6

  • Eye Pad Sterile Dressing: Conforming bandage, min 5cm width and min 1.5m
    stretched length or elasticated looped bandage with an oval
    pad: not less than 7cm x 5cm: 2

  • Sterile Adhesive Dressing: Water resistant sterile, an island design, individually
    wrapped, min surface area of 7.5cm squared, dressing pad not less
    than 20% of the area: 40

  • Saline Cleansing Wipe: Individually wrapped, sterile, min surface area of 80mm squared: 20

  • Adhesive Tape: Role individually wrapped, min 2.5cm width, 5m length or 3
    m long for the travel kit: 1

  • Nitrile Disposable Gloves: Conforming to BS EN 455-1 and BS EN 455-2,
    large size (8-9): 6 pairs

  • Finger Sterile Dressing: Conforming bandage: min 3,5cm width and min 30cm
    stretched length, with a dressing pad min 3.5cm squared: 2

  • Resuscitation Face Shield**: Includes a one-way valve: 2

  • Foil Blanket: 130cm x 210cm: 1

  • Eye Wash: Min effective volume 250ml sterile: 0

  • Burn Dressing***: Water based gel soaked dressing, sterile,
    min 100mm squared surface area: 1

  • Shears: Suitable for cutting clothing including leather: 1

  • Conforming Bandage: Min 7.5cm width and 4m stretched length: 1

  • Plasters: Assorted (blue detectable****): Bag 20

**   A shield that can be used to protect the first aider from infection during mouth-to-mouth resuscitation
*** A burn dressing cools the injury without any pre-cooling with water or any other medium
       The dressing does not dry out within one our after application
**** Applies to catering kits only

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