Floor Machines & Accessories

Discover industrial-grade floor cleaning machines designed to tackle the toughest challenges, from heavy-duty scrubbers that effortlessly remove stubborn stains to high-speed buffers that restore shine and lustre. Our collection also includes versatile accessories such as brushes, pads, and attachments, allowing you to customise your floor care routine for optimal results. Whether you’re tasked with maintaining an industrial facility, office, or any public space, our reliable tools will help you get the job done.

From industrial floor machines to dust control and floor pads, we provide the tools you need to maintain impeccable floors to take on even the toughest of cleaning challenges. We understand that maintaining impeccable floors is not just about appearances but also about safety and efficiency;  that's why our product range is carefully curated to offer reliability and performance, helping you achieve a consistently clean and safe environment. Shop with us today and benefit from free delivery when you spend over £100.

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