Floor Care

Floor cleaning equipment and products are vital to producing a welcoming and safe space for customers and staff. Find below a wide range of floor care products designed to provide effective cleaning for surfaces having a heavy footfall.  Our floor care range is perfect for commercial businesses that require regular deep cleans to prevent the build up of dirt and residues.

Nobisco’s floor care products
When considering cleanliness and hygiene it doesn't only incorporate the obvious areas such as equipment and surfaces but also the floors of any premises. To ensure a professional finish to all of your floors you need quality floor cleaning products and equipment. Maintain optimum levels of cleanliness and hygiene and reflect the professionalism of your business with the right commercial floor cleaning supplies. In addition to a full range of hand operated and ride-on machinery, Nobisco offers floor pads and cleaning chemicals including floor strippers, cleaners, polishes, maintainers and degreasers. For more details make sure to browse our cleaning chemicals for refinishing floor solutions. 

Let us help you exceed your guest and visitor expectations and benefit from free delivery on all local orders and orders over £100.


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