Bassine Brooms

Discover the perfect harmony between durability and eco-consciousness with our selection of Bassine brooms. Crafted from natural Bassine fibres, these brooms offer an innovative and sustainable solution for effective floor-sweeping. They can withstand rigorous use in both commercial and industrial settings, making them a durable choice that stands the test of time. What sets them apart is their eco-friendly nature, as Bassine fibres are renewable and biodegradable, contributing to a greener, cleaner planet. Shop from our selection now for effective and efficient floor care for a sustainable cleaning solution.

Shop with us for top-quality cleaning equipment to maintain a pristine workspace. From our durable brushes that tackle tough dirt and grime to our super-absorbent mops and convenient buckets, we offer a comprehensive range of cleaning tools and supplies. Whether you manage an office, a retail store, an industrial facility, or any other workspace, you can rely on us to provide the cleaning equipment you need at affordable prices. Shop now and enjoy a cleaner and more welcoming environment, with the added benefit of free delivery when you spend £100 on your order.

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