Dispensers, Bottles & Triggers

Dispensers, triggers and bottles are key items to efficient cleaning. Find below the bottles and parts that will give full control over your cleaning work, while making it easy. 

Nobisco dispenser, bottes and triggers cleaning range
At Nobisco you will find a wide range of cleaner and sanitiser refill bottles, and separate parts that guarantee control, cost-effecitveness and accurate dosing. Plastic spray bottles suitable for colour-coded cleaning can also be found at Nobisco, along with large, and small spray bottles for a wide variety of cleaning needs and empty eefill Bottle for Jeyes H2 Toilet Cleaner.

If you’re in need of cleaning chemicals, you’ve come to the right place.Browse our site to find washroom cleaning chemicals, infection control supplies and catering cleaning chemicals from leading manufacturers. Make your purchase, and all local orders and orders over £100 and you can take advantage of free delivery.


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