Clasp Baguette Sleeve (Case/500)

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The Clasp Seal Baguette Sleeve is perfect for packaging filled baguettes and bread rolls as well as hot dogs, paninis, slices of pizza and Swiss rolls. The food product can be inserted into the sleeve, which is already sealed along the lengths. Then the two ends can be closed easily with a sealer. With its integrated paperboard (brown printed kraft effect), the pack is stabilised and offers optimum product protection. It is easy to use both during the packaging of the food product and for the end customer to hold and transport.

• Optimum product protection for baguettes, bread rolls, hot dogs, paninis, slices of pizza and Swiss rolls

• Suitable for cold and warm food products (maximum 90 °C)

• Attractive presentation

• Time-saving and easy to use

• Recyclable packaging, biodegradable paperboard

• Case x 500

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