Table slipcovers are versatile and practical additions to any dining or event setup. Our coverings come in various sizes and designs, allowing them to fit snugly over different table shapes and sizes, instantly transforming the table's appearance. They serve as a protective layer, guarding against spills, stains, and scratches, preserving your expensive table's surface and reducing cleanup efforts. Beyond their practicality, table slipcovers can be used to contribute to the overall aesthetic, adding a layer of sophistication and style to the dining area or event space. They are ideal for use in weddings, receptions, parties, and restaurants for providing an elegant and cohesive look to the setting. Whether you're looking to protect your table or elevate its visual appeal, table slipcovers offer a versatile and effective solution, making them a valuable addition to any catering business.

For all your table layout needs, you can trust Nobisco to supply you with high-quality products that you can rely on. From our durable cutlery and tableware sets to our broad range of napkins and other useful catering disposables, you can count on us to deliver. If you order locally or spend over £100, you can benefit from our free delivery offer.

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