Protect your table's surface from heat, spills, and stains with our range of versatile placemats. We offer a wide variety of colours, designs and materials, so you are sure to find a mat to suit your restaurant's unique style. Our catering placemats are an excellent tool for organising place settings and providing designated spots for dishes, utensils, and glassware. Whether for everyday dining or special occasions, our placemats are an easy way to elevate the look of your table while ensuring cleanliness and functionality. Their durability and easy maintenance make them a practical choice, allowing you to enjoy both the visual appeal and the convenience they bring to your dining area.

Find everything you need for your kitchen and dining area right here at Nobisco. We are committed to providing our customers with only the best brands and utensils made especially for industry use, so you can trust us to supply you with products you can rely on. Check out our whole range of restaurant and bar essentials to find more top-quality products. We accommodate bulk ordering so that you can stock up on all your essential supplies. Save on cost and ensure you have an ample supply of essentials on hand. We offer free delivery to all local shipments and orders over £100.

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