Tooth Picks & Refresher Wipes

Toothpicks and refresher wipes are great offerings for your customers to help them feel refreshed after their meal. Show your patrons you care for their well-being by supplying them with toothpicks to remove food particles stuck between their teeth, promoting dental health and maintaining a pleasant breath. Treat them to a cool and revitalised feeling by offering them our refresher wipes to remove any residual food odours. Together, toothpicks and refresher wipes work together to provide a quick and discreet way to maintain oral hygiene and a fresh appearance, giving your customers an enhanced, comfortable experience.

For more products to help you improve your service, discover our useful waiter cloths and service trays to help your service staff work to the best of their abilities. Rely on Nobisco to supply your business with the best brands and the highest quality products. Order with us today and receive free delivery on orders over £100.

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