Service Trays

Service trays are versatile tools for anyone working in the food service and hospitality industry to transport food and beverages easily. If you own a restaurant, cafe, hotel, or catering business, they are a must-have for helping servers carry multiple dishes and drinks at once, minimising trips between the kitchen and dining area. Our service trays come in various sizes and designs to accommodate different serving needs, from carrying plates of food in a restaurant to delivering room service in a hotel. They also contribute to the presentation of dishes, ensuring that they arrive at the table in an organised and appealing manner. Overall, service trays enhance the quality of service, streamline operations, and improve the overall dining experience for customers.

Get everything you need for your catering and hospitality business here at Nobisco, where we stock all the essentials for effective and simple service. We understand that you want to bring your customers the best, and we can provide you with the tools to do this. Shop with us for everything from order pads to table covers and partyware. When you order over £100 or locally, you will benefit from free delivery, so stock up on everything you need. 

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