Glass & Waiter Cloths

Every bartender and waiter needs a handy server towel or bar cloth. These compact and absorbent cloths serve multiple purposes, including wiping down tables, cleaning spills, and ensuring a tidy dining environment. Waiter cloths are especially valuable for maintaining a professional appearance, as servers can use them to clean their hands or wipe away food and beverage residue before serving customers. Additionally, they come in handy when polishing glassware or cutlery to ensure a pristine presentation. Overall, waiter cloths play a crucial role in delivering excellent customer service by keeping dining areas clean and enhancing the overall dining experience.

Find all you need to keep your restaurant or bar running in tip-top condition with our extensive range of catering essentials. From cleaning chemicals to keep your kitchen squeaky clean to our elegant glassware to give your customers a smooth sipping experience from crystal clear glass. Shop with us and receive free delivery on spends over £100. 

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