2ply Tissue Napkins

Our tissue napkins serve as convenient, disposable, and highly practical solutions for maintaining cleanliness and enhancing the dining experience. Perfect for restaurants and eateries, they are a staple, offering diners a quick and efficient means to wipe their hands and mouths. Our top-quality napkins are highly absorbent to effectively clear up spills with few sheets, saving you on cost and promoting sustainability. Browse our selection to find the perfect design to give your tables a pop of colour and style to complement the overall dining ambience with our range of colourful tissue napkins; you can even fold them into different shapes for a sophisticated look.

Here at Nobisco, we are dedicated to supplying you with reliable products that help you with all the essentials of running a successful catering business, from specialised cleaning agents for commercial kitchens to the simple things that make service run smoothly, like order pads and service trays. You can depend on us for all your catering necessities. Order with us today and benefit from free delivery on all orders over £100.


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