Buffet Display

Create the perfect backdrop for your masterful culinary creations to showcase your meticulous work and impress your customers. A true culinary experience doesn't just entice you with its amazing flavours and smells; it also draws you in with your eyes. That’s why when it comes to presenting your buffets, using simple display tools can completely elevate your customer's enjoyment and overall experience. We stock a full range of trays, crates, and inventive labelling tags, such as our mini blackboards, that can be used time and time again to create exquisite buffet layouts. Whether you’re an event planner or you run a catering service, our top-quality versatile buffet display accessories are a must-have for any occasion. 

For everything your catering business needs, you can rely on Nobisco to have exactly what you need. When it comes to buffets, it’s essential to serve your customers on quality plates, afterall they are the canvas for your expert culinary creations. We have a great selection of disposable eco-friendly plates and bowls that are perfect additions to any buffet table. They can be used to display your foods or to serve them to your guests. Moreover, they are ideal for a quick cleanup as they can be easily thrown away after the event. Shop with us for all your catering essentials and receive free delivery on all local orders or when you spend over £100.

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