Oven Gloves & Towels

Protective gloves and cloths for handling hot items are essential for every kitchen. Browse below our selection of heavy-duty oven cloths and double oven gloves for superior protection in your kitchen. Also find details of our packs of 10 caterers tea towels.

Nobisco’s catering oven gloves and towels
Oven gloves and oven cloths can withstand high temperatures, ultimately protecting your hands from burns. Our strong and durable gloves are able to keep you safe when securely handling hot trays and pans. With such a wide range of products to meet different needs, we offer full protection when cooking and serving foods in any catering setting or at home. Other kitchen cloths include our caterer's tea towels which come in packs of 10.

Need kitchenware? Discover our range of kitchen essentials, including catering baking accessories, oven gloves and towels and films and foils. Make your purchase, and with all local orders and orders over £100, you’ll receive free delivery.


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