Catering Cling Film, Baking Parchment & Foils

Cling film, foils and baking parchment are essential for every kitchen, whether professional or domestic. Whatever your requirements are, please browse below to find the right product for you from our selection of high-quality rolls and dispensers.

Nobisco’s catering cling film, baking parchments  and foils 
At Nobisco, we stock a range of cling film, baking parchment, foils and dispensers for use in food storage, preparation and cooking. Cling film is economic and convenient, making it ideal for covering food, keeping your ingredients fresher for longer. Whilst aluminium foil is ideal for cooking and keeping your food warm. Choose one of our single or double dispensers to suit your prefered roll width.

To offer you the best, we stock from trusted brands such as Wrapmasters. Need kitchenware? Discover our range of kitchen essentials, including catering baking accessories and oven gloves and towels. Make your purchase, and all local orders and orders over £100 will receive free delivery.



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