Doilies & Coasters

Doilies and coasters are popular choices to protect furnishings while adding elegance to your professional events. Often used in tearooms, cafes, bars, and hotels, they offer numerous benefits from reducing noise between a cup and a saucer to protecting furniture and linen from stains and impact marks and acting as a liner for the breadbasket or dessert tray. Upgrade your event, add drama and interest to the dinner table, doilies and coasters play many roles.

Our premium catering doilies and coasters

At Nobisco you will find a wide range of high-quality doilies and coasters in different shapes to suit the decorations you have in mind. Complete your event with table covers or cutlery and browse our Restaurant & Bar section for more items. 

Order your items today and benefit from free delivery on all local orders and orders over £100.


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