Disposable Glassware

When catering for a large event, whether it’s at a restaurant, a cafe, or at home, the most common worry we hear about is breakages. To combat this, we’ve sourced a comprehensive range of durable single-use and multi-use glassware options for our customers. Our single-use and multi-use alternatives are the safe and secure option made from polypropylene or the compostable OXO option.. Find below a great selection of high-quality catering disposable glassware that brings a certain style to any event.

Nobisco’s catering disposable glassware
From tumblers, half-pint, and full-pint glasses, to champagne and wine glasses, our disposable and multi-use range covers all your glassware needs. Made from durable and sturdy materials such as polypropylene, with compostable and recyclable options, all disposable glassware is robust, lightweight, easy to use and even easier to dispose of. Using disposable glassware is a cost-effective choice, helping avoid the worry and risk of breakages whilst saving time and money on washing up.

Find the right disposable glassware for your business or private event and complete your catering supplies with commercial catering disposable cutlery and commercial catering plates and bowls. Order your items today and benefit from wholesale prices and free delivery on all local orders and orders over £100.


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