Ice Cream Containers

It’s one of the most popular summer treats in the UK, ice cream! When the heat hits, many of us first reach for an icy cold scoop of our favourite flavour. Classic vanilla, sweet strawberry, delectable chocolate or something more exotic like mango sorbet, whatever takes your customer's fancy, you need leak-free, sturdy containers to serve and transport your ice cream in. Our containers and pots are the perfect choice for catering businesses serving frozen yoghurt, sorbets and ice cream.

Explore more of our diverse food container offerings to find the perfect solution to storing and serving your food in a way that is safe and shows off the care you put into making your delicious dishes. From cake boxes designed to preserve and present your intricate icing and decoration work to sandwich packaging that displays the layers of fresh fillings, find exactly what you need at Nobisco at an affordable price. We offer free delivery on orders that are local or over £100, so take advantage of this deal today! 

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