Disposable Bags, Boxes & Wraps

Do you need catering bags, boxes, and wraps for the delivery or collection of food? Find below an extensive range of bags, boxes and wraps to safely package food items whilst at the same time enhancing presentation.

Nobisco’s catering bags, boxes, and wraps
Being able to transport food safely into the hands of your customers is important. Our comprehensive range of catering disposable bags includes film, paper (brown and white), freezer, foil-lined, poly, and greaseproof options. Some of the bags we offer include windows so customers can see the food they’re purchasing. Please phone to find out about bespoke customer print options.

Along with our range of disposable bags, we also offer attractive children’s meal boxes with a wide range of design print themes. Made from durable card, the eye-catching designs, range from the festive season to dinosaurs. In addition, to our disposable bags and boxes, we also stock burger wraps which are, great for fast food restaurants, burger vans, and cafes. The burger wraps are available in yellow, orange, blue, green, and red. Alternatively they can be printed in your own company design subject to the quantity you require.

Complete your catering supplies with commercial catering disposable cutlery, sandwich packaging, catering disposable cups, disposable cutlery, and our amazing platinum jubilee items. Make your purchase today and benefit from wholesale prices and free delivery on all local orders and orders over £100.

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