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April 2016
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May 2016
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Nobisco began its journey in 1985 in Birmingham; from humble beginnings and with savings of just £1000 Nobisco has grown into the respected thriving business of today. We provide a one stop solution for catering, packaging, hygiene and janitorial consumables.

Nobisco is a limited company with a Board of Directors, actively engaged in the successful day to day management of the company.

Since 2000 we have strategically acquired a number of companies as part of our development programme, with growth being supported by expanding our supplier network to Europe and the Far East. Keen sourcing and stockholding of a diverse range of quality products has further fuelled our growth. Nobisco is a founding member of the Socius Purchasing Consortium, an association of respected and established independent distributors of non-food consumables.

Our customers are as diverse as we are, from larger public sector organisations, private organisations, and smaller independent companies. We welcome enquires from potential new customers who can email us at [email protected].

Located in Birmingham, our modern offices and distribution centre offer a clean and safe working environment with canteen facilities and ample parking for visitors and staff. Nobisco is an environmentally aware company and strives to be a good neighbour, playing a positive role in the community. Our endeavours in these areas are documented in our Corporate and Social Responsibly and our carbon reduction strategies.

We are proud to have achieved ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 which demonstrate our comprehensive framework of quality systems. In 2004 we received the Investors in People award which we maintain and recognises our commitment to employees.

Nobisco directly employs over 40 staff working in areas such as warehousing and deliveries, sales, customer support and accounts and administration. Nobisco also has in-house IT, design and marketing departments. Nobisco will occasionally use agency staff but always with a view to them becoming full time members of the team. Nobisco advertises job opportunities on our website and in local media including “Find it in Birmingham”. You can find more at on our Job Opportunities page.

The ethics which were present in 1985 stay at the heart of our company. Nobisco remains committed to the welfare of our employees, and our many customers and suppliers. We care for our environment and the local community and we commit to the values we uphold:

We are independent but collaborative
We are efficient and effective
We are transparent and trusted
We care for our community

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