Cross Weave Tape

50M Cross Weave Tape

This is another tape we have at Nobisco which is used for keeping your goods secured, with extra strength. The tape on the product is cross weaved meaning it is stronger to prevent ripping, tearing or splitting. This can be used for everyday use.

Packing products and keeping them sealed with a cross weave tape allows extra security and protection. This is a reinforced raped which can be used for heavyweight products such as cartons or even pallets. The product is quality made with quality satisfaction and experience, being a low cost product. This is a clear product in a popular length of 50 metres.

• Quality tape
• Extra strength
• Value for money
• 1 x 50Metre cross weave tape

Each tape is sold individually and is a clear colour. This allows your product to be visible in the original colour without being covered and also secured with great protection.

Cross Weave Tape
3inch*50M Crossweave Tape

3"*50M Crossweave Tape

Stock Code: 0302600245

£7.72 (exc VAT)

£9.26 (inc VAT)

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38MM*50M Crossweave Tape

38MM*50M Crossweave Tape

Stock Code: 0302600246

£3.59 (exc VAT)

£4.31 (inc VAT)

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