Barrier Tapes - 75M

Standard Barrier Tape

Barrier tape is used to surround an area which is not to be entered. The product has a choice of two colours to choose from, both measuring to a long lasting amount, which can be viewed once your ideal colour is chosen from the drop down menu.

The product will supply a satisfying material which is weather proof and friendly to be used in all suitable environments. These are well known colours and have great awareness levels. The tapes will have your area kept safe and allow people to be aware of the blocked area.

• Recognised colour signs
• Suitable for all environments
• Two colours to choose from
• Reliable
• 1 x Barrier Tape

The barrier tapes are sold individually, which come in a roll of the chosen colour from the drop down menu. The two colours are different in price and also length; this can be viewed when a product is clicked.

Barrier Tapes - 75M
75MM*500M Red/White Barrier Tape

75MM*500M Red/White Barrier Tape

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£4.50 (exc VAT)

£5.40 (inc VAT)

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