Bubble Wrap

Packaging Bubble Wrap

This is a bubble wrap product which is popular and available in various sizes, all being a clear material and great for product protection. Bubble wrap can be used for different shapes and to protect either a small amount of goods or a large amount.

The product can be used in offices, warehouse and all sites where packaging operations require friendly supportive protection to all goods. This acts as a cushion to products and ensures the product is taken care of, giving satisfying delivery to your recipient as well as yourself. This is a product which is often made out of polyethylene (LDPE) film. Bubble wrap is great due to air filled bubbles which are not easily damaged by products, of standard size. Boxes and cartons are ideal to have cushions such as foam or bubble wrap.

• Clear bubble wrap
• Polyethylene (LDPE) film
• Air bubble cushion protection
• Popular solution

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Sizes available:
1200mm x 100m
1500mm x 100m
300mm x 100m
500mm x 100m
600m x 100m
750mm x 100m
900mm x 100m

1200mm x 50m
1500mm x 50m
300mm x 50m
500mm x 50m
750mm x 50m
900mm x 50m

Bubble Wrap