Coloured 94Litre Dustbins

Bins are needed almost everywhere in buildings, gardens, and other suitable areas around sites or the community. This bin is a large 94litre capacity bin giving you a time saving and value for money bin.

Having this bin will make a difference compared to standard bins, which may not have enough room for waste. This has a choice of colours you can choose from, and the lid comes with the same colour too! This product can be used around schools which is popular and used in many sites. A plastic material will give you an easy to clean experience which is weather proof. This allows you to use the product indoors as well as outdoors.

• 94Litre capacity
• Durable dust bin
• Handle on lid
• 1 x Dustbin and Lid

This product is a long lasting dustbin ideal for waste, which should be collected in refuse sacks or suitable bags. Our popular refuse sacks can be found in the related products below.

Black Dustbin & Lid 80L

Black Dustbin & Lid 80L

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£9.48 (inc VAT)

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