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DYMA Pearl Pink 1Litre

This is a pink liquid manufactured to be a hand cleaning product. This is a DYMA pearl hand soap, which is in a tub design and a twisting cap, for you to either pour into some soap dispensers. This is a very mild liquid formula being friendly to skin and contains glycerine.

DYMA pearl hand soap will be generated into rich lather foam giving an enhancement to your hand cleaning experience. The bubbles and foam will give a great satisfying result when rinsed, making sure your hands are cleaner. This soap is in a thick liquid, gentle and soft with a bouquet fragrance outcome for extra freshness and to remove odours on your hands.

• Powerful and friendly
• Bouquet fragrance
• Quality thick liquid
• Adaptable to soap dispensers
• 1 x DYMA Pearl Liquid 1Litre

The product is to be kept away from cold or frosty temperatures to prevent damage. This cleans and disinfects your hands, ideal for washrooms and elsewhere suitably needed. This is a 1Litre hand soap product.

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