800ML Spray Soap Bactercidal 6 Per Box

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Bactericidal Soap Spray 800ml

This is a bacterial soap spray manufactured with materials for quality care of germ removal. The product in action is great and also gives a satisfying washing experience.

This product has a focus on removing germs which prevents passing on illnesses or diseases. These can be used around hallways in schools and washrooms, or simply wash rooms. Having a bacterial soap spray of high quality will make your customers feel safer. The bacterial soap spray has a large supply for long lasting reliability.  This is a compact made cartridge which is ideal to be fitted into a soap dispenser.

• Bactericidal soap spray
• Directly kills most bacteria
• Effective in all sites
• Cartridge
• 6 x Bactercidal Soap Spray

This product is a great product to use if you are working in sites where germs could be picked up on or passed around easily, such as schools. Or to prevent passing on germs and illnesses, very effectively. Each box will have 6 cartridges of bacterial soap spray, measuring 800ml.

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