Buttermilk Soap T3 72*75GSM 72 Bars Per Case

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Buttermilk Soap (72 Bars)

This product is great to minimise cost and maximise efficiency. Soap is a popular product for its low cost and high quality satisfaction when cleaning your hands in washrooms.

Buttermilk soap is popular in households and also ideal for bathrooms in schools and many more sites. These last a long time and give an efficient clean to your hands. These are fresh soap bars with great performance of use and give a light fragrance to end with. The products are made with materials to ensure the results give you a cleaner wash and a friendly one too. Buttermilk soap bars are in a white/creamy colour.

• Great for hotels
• Long lasting
• Low cost
• Light fragrance
• Bar style
• 72 x Buttermilk Soap

These are compact and efficient products to use in your hotels, schools and sites looking for a low cost solution such as soap. This selection of buttermilk soap bar gives you 72 bars per case.

DescriptionButtermilk Soap

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