375cc Fresco Salad Container (Case/500)

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Ideal for serving salads, pasta and rice dishes, these Fresco deli containers deliver practicality and style at a budget-friendly price. The hinged lid of these containers creates a highly effective seal to stop leaks and keep your food perfectly preserved. The innovative design means these containers can also be stacked to free up valuable storage space.

The containers are also made from 90% recycled PET and fully recyclable after use, giving you a more Earth-friendly alternative to traditional plastic packaging. Completed with a sleek appearance, these deli containers work to enhance the visual appeal of your food-to-go, helping it stand out on your shelves and catch the eye of customers.

• Features a leak-resistant, hinged-lid fit
• Opening tabs make these containers easy to us
• Includes a unique fork fitment for your customers' convenience
• Ideal for serving salads, pasta and other deli goods

• Size: 375cc (160 x 129 x 43mm)
• Case x 500

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