Restaurant Check Pads Duplicate EF15 NCR

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Duplicate Check Pad

This product can be used for all food environments to take orders with a small flipbook styled check pad. The product allows you to take orders fairly quick, having the paper taken off with ease.

Check pads are found as a common and popular product to take notes for foods, drinks, snacks and other demands from customers. For busy times or large amount of people to be serviced, this is a great way to ensure you can take an order and move on to the next sheet. There is also a choice of duplicate pads or triplicate pads. Duplicate pads allow you to have one page for yourself and one for the kitchen to prepare the meal. A triplicate is ideal for having one given to the kitchen, a customer and one for you.

• Low cost with great quality
• Popular product
• Long lasting
• 1 x Duplicate Check Pad

Ensure you choose the right pad(s), as these are designed for different types of business and environments. Each unit will have 1 pad alone, click on a product for additional info of sheets, material etc.


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