Baking Parchment 18Inch*75M

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Paper 18" Baking Parchment

This is a product ideal for bakery and can be used for other appropriate cooking activities. The paper is a thin sheet which is easy to place onto your baking tray for your goods to be kept in place, fresh and warm.

The paper does not prevent liquids from running, this is ideal for solid foods such as cakes, cookies and other similar food. Parchment paper is a great material to use to prevent mess and line your foods/pans, and used to prevent mess to the least possible. This should not be used near a broiler. The product is also grease resistant and moisture resistant.

• Cost efficient
• Great material
• Can be used for many activities
• 1 x 18"Inch Baking Parchment

This product is ideal for baking but can be used for other suitable needs. Parchment paper is thin but reliable, great value for a low cost and will have you see the difference it can make!

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