Bin Liners

Bin Liners

The choice of bin liners are used for waste storage for suitable bins to the selected bin liners. Plastic and polythene are popular materials used for products such as bin liners, bags, refuse sacks and other goods giving a weather proof benefit. Bin liners will be flat and ready to use with ease of opening and fitting to save you time or on a roll for you to have quick and easy access.

Bin liners are cost efficient and act as storage waste solutions for your bins. These are available with a selection of different bin liners which may come in different sizes or strengths for your site. Have a comfortable fitting with flexible bin liners for pedal bins, square bins and swing designed bins. Tiger stripe waste bags are yellow with black coloured linings.

• Cost effective product
• Flexible and quality material
• Popular product
• Lightweight
• Select a design

Select a bin liner suitable for your site. HD bin liners are heavy duty and tiger stripe waste bags will be a yellow colour.

Bin Liners
Pedal Bin Liners 11*17*17inch WT

Pedal Bin Liners 11*17*17" WT

Stock Code: 0105100040

£40.38 (exc VAT)

£48.46 (inc VAT)

- +
Pedal Bin Liners 11*17*18inch WT LD

Pedal Bin Liners 11*17*18" WT LD

Stock Code: 0105100041

£10.00 (exc VAT)

£12.00 (inc VAT)

- +
HD Swing Bin Liners 13*23*30inch HD-CLR-SBL  500 Per Box

HD Swing Bin Liners 13*23*30" HD-CLR-SBL 500 Per Box

Stock Code: 0105100036

£19.14 (exc VAT)

£22.97 (inc VAT)

- +
Square Bin Liners 15*24*24inch WT 1000 Per Box

Square Bin Liners 15*24*24" WT 1000 Per Box

Stock Code: 0105100030

£9.60 (exc VAT)

£11.52 (inc VAT)

- +
Pedal Bin Liner Heavy Duty 11x17x18inch (Case/1,000)

Pedal Bin Liner Heavy Duty 11x17x18" (Case/1,000)

Stock Code: 0000006274

£24.20 (exc VAT)

£29.04 (inc VAT)

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