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LifeGuard Desifectant 5L

Lifeguard Cleaner Disinfectant is a powerful combined cleaner and disinfectant specially formulated for use on hard washable surfaces in washrooms, gymnasia, showers and swimming baths. Key properties Lifeguard Cleaner Disinfectant ensures that surfaces are clean, safe and disinfected in one easy operation. Specially formulated to use on hard washable surfaces. Lifeguard Cleaner Disinfectant uses Neutrafresh technology to remove unpleasant smells both at source and in the surrounding air.

  • 2 x Life Guard Desifectant (5L)
  • Cleans all surfaces, kills germs
  • Due to Neutrafresh technology it removes unpleasant smells both at source and in the surrounding air
  • Concentrated

Instructions for use

1. Wear suitable personal protection equipment.
2. Apply either using trigger bottle or directly using a cloth, sponge or mop.
3. Clean thoroughly and then rinse where necessary. 

For toilets and urinals
1. Flush first.
2. Apply solution evenly ver surface.
3. Allow 3 minutes contact time, brush thoroughly.
4. Reflush.

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