Latex Disposable Gloves

Powdered Free Disposable Latex Gloves

These are Latex made gloves which are disposable and popular for medical use, as well as our other popular disposable gloves. Latex is a rubber material and allows a comfortable and close grip to your hands.

Latex disposable gloves give positive results for hygiene protection and preventing liquids from being in contact with skin to where the glove covers. Having disposable gloves will let you get on with your activities in your environment, being safer. This prevents cross contamination around the site as well as preventing your skin from being in danger. Clean safer with disposable gloves which are also powdered free.

• Disposable cost efficient
• Quality experience
• Quality Latex material
• 100 Per Box

Each unit will supply a box of 100 disposable Latex gloves.

Latex Disposable Gloves