Plastic Reflex Wiper Dispenser

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Blue Plastic Reflex Dispensers

This is a blue plastic reflex wiper dispenser ideal for washrooms and the purpose of being efficient with tissue, having less mess and also has other benefits. This is a blue coloured dispenser which is easy to fit requiring fewer amounts of space compared to other dispensers and fast release.

The plastic reflex paper dispenser is great to use for having a high volume of traffic or even less. This saves time and money preventing you from constantly refilling the dispenser. And this also prevents customers from pinching a large bunch of tissue. The tissue will not come with the product but can be found in the related products below. The capacity depends on the thickness of your tissues but ensures a large amount to fit for efficiency and great satisfaction. This is an easy to clean and wipe dispenser.

• Blue stylish dispenser
• Long lasting
• Lightweight
• Easy to use
• 1 x Plastic Relfex Wiper Dispenser (Blue)

This is a long lasting blue dispenser which gives your tissue a twist at the bottom for faster releasing. For more dispensers, have a look at the related products below.

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