Purell Instant Hand Sanitiser 59ML

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Purell Hand Sanitiser

This is an instant hand sanitiser, with a pump release designed for fast release and contents kept closed safely. The product is a great material for washrooms and kitchens, and elsewhere suitable.

Purell instant hand sanitiser will have your hands clean very quickly and also dried. The product gives a pleasing washing experience for you to always rely on each time, which is efficient with release too. For traffic in washrooms, this is great to deliver a product which can clean and dry hands in 15 seconds. Purell instant hand sanitiser also removes 99.9% of most germs.

• Kills 99.9% of most germs
• Fresh transparent gel
• Pump action release
• Friendly to all sites
• Cost friendly
• 1 x Purell Instant Hand Sanitiser 59ML

This hand sanitiser is sold separately with 59ML of hand sanitising gel. Purell instant hand sanitiser is an effective product giving fast and effective performance. For more of our sanitisers and related products, have a look below.

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