Washing Up Gloves Pink/Red Large

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Large Pink Rubber Gloves (Pair)

This is a rubber product for hand protection in the catering industry and also suitable for other industrial areas. These are very popular products used for washing due to incredible strength and durability.

The rubber glove is water resistant and protects your hands from chemicals, scratches and damage. It is important to wear gloves to prevent transmitting bacteria, ensuring your working area is kept clean and safe. There are also popular sizes to choose from for your benefit of search. The gloves will cover your hands and wrist, and a little more to give you that extra protection which makes a difference.

• Great strength
• Quality rubber
• Popular on the market
• Liquid resistant
• 1 x Large Pink Rubber Gloves

The product is available to choose from the popular sizes available. This is ideal for cleaning applications to give satisfaction with safety.


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