Cup Carry Trays

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Cup Carry Trays

This is the solution to carrying a few drinks at once, having balance and stability. Holding a few drinks or even two can be a disaster when they are to fall down. This has occurred many times with many people. Another issue can be to travel in a car having the passengers hold the drinks, causing a danger.

The solution to this danger is to use a carrier cup tray such as the ones we offer. There are two cup designed trays and even a 4 cup. Both products are very lightweight and made with cardboard material for extra strength. The experience with these products has been very positive, proving to keep your drinks much safer.

  • Cardboard strong material
  • Easy to use
  • Hinges to ensure safety
  • Select a size

This product can be used for businesses and other sites where suitable. Hot and cold drinks can be placed into this tray, if in an appropriate size.

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