Economy Paint Brushes

Economy Paint Brush

The brushes being displayed are very popular with painting in homes, offices, and other sites. Economy paint brushes can be used for many activities such as painting, applying glue and also cleaning.

Different width paint brushes are available to choose from in the drop down menu. Having different sizes are ideal for different applications. The smaller paint brushes may be used in art whereas the larger brushes are commonly used for wall painting. These paint brushes can be reused many times for your activities. The hairs on the brush will give a smooth finish and this is also secured with a metal holder for the hairs.

• Different sizes available
• Smooth experience
• Quality materials
• Long lasting
• Soft bristles
• 1 x Economy Paint Brush

Economy paint brushes can be used across many different sites. These paint brushes are also reusable for as long as this lasts for and each brush is sold individually.  The brushes will be in a black colour and a metal colour casing.

Economy Paint Brushes
2inch Economy Paint Brush

2" Economy Paint Brush

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£7.20 (inc VAT)

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